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Post  Admin on Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:22 pm

At Rope Strands Ministry (RSM), we have some simple rules our members are to obey. We follow Christian principles, so please respect that in your posts and attitude toward other members. A few guidelines:

1.No curse words. There are perfectly good ways to get your point across without the use of profanity or vulgar terms.
2.No “flame wars.” Please don't litter the site with rude or out of place comments, especially not towards your fellow members.
3.Be respectful. Some discussions here are of very sensitive issues, please do not demean anyone for sharing. All sins are equally ugly in the sight of God, none of us is better than anyone else.
4.Be humble. The quickest way to close someones ear to what you are trying to say is arrogance. Please keep that in check with yourselves and if you see it in another member (including leadership), privately call them out on it (through a PM).
5.Basically, just think “Would Christ be okay with me saying this?” and if the answer is yes, go ahead and post.
6.Most of all, enjoy the forums. Have fun and develop deep, Godly relationships with the leaders and your fellow members here.


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